Let's talk about advantages of our Autism program

New Vision

The program includes a new and comprehensive vision of autism programs

Virtual Reality

Use virtual reality techniques

Daily reports

Daily reports and continuous follow-up

Team cohesion

Create an effective interconnect between the team

Educational videos

Educational videos and illustrations of most of the lessons

إطار نظري شامل

comprehensive theoretical framework for the latest research and publications

Autism program

سهولة الاستخدام من خلال الموبايل أو التابلت

دروس وفنيات معدة خصيصا لأطفال التوحد

تحسين مستوى الوظائف التنفيذية والعمليات المعرفية

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Arab Testing

المؤسسه العربيه للاختبارات النفسيه


provide this service to allow you to search in Psychology field for jobs , employees , courses and organizations.

ME Center

The ME Center offers many services in the various fields of psychology